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Newborn Photography 

Those first days of your newborn’s life are some of the most precious. Discovering a love beyond any love you’ve ever experienced. Wanting time to stand still so you can stay in the moment of this overwhelming love, happiness and emotion forever – I get it.

By choosing to book a newborn photography session you can capture those tiny details, cute newborn poses and special family moments for you to look back on with overwhelming love in years to come. You will receive a totally bespoke photography experience within the comfort of my own home studio.

Newborn sessions need to be held as soon after birth as possible, therefore the best time to schedule your newborn portrait photography session is within the first 5 - 15  days of your baby arriving. This will ensure that your baby responds to my soothing and posing techniques, that they still have a true newborn look. They are very sleepy and are still curly from being in the womb.

It is advisable to book a date in the diary as early as possible, ideally at least 3 months in advance of your due date. Once you have a provisional date booked in the diary,  we can alter your session date if your baby is early or late and you will be guaranteed a session within the required timescales.

It usually takes up to three hours to complete your photography session as it is completely led by your baby. You will not be rushed as the safety and comfort of your little one is of paramount importance. Whilst your newborn is soothed and quietly drops off to dreamland, I will patiently combine my photographic style and natural ability to gently handle your baby to create artistic newborn poses and precious memories for you to cherish forever.

Newborn photography sessions have been priced differently as they are my specialism and take significantly longer. I have invested significantly in this area and these sessions generally require more post production and time. Photographing over 100 newborn babies each year, I feel I am experienced and knowledgeable in soothing newborns, handling them safely with care and confidence, posing and creating images which will make your heart melt just watching. 

This is more than just a photography session, it’s a wonderful experience which you’ll remember for years to come!



Lou  x x

To book your newborn session, please complete a booking form and be sure to include your due date! I'll get back to you as soon as I can with my availability -


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